Regal Billing, LLC is a medical billing service company in Morrisville, NC that specializes in claims submission, credentialing, accounts receivable recovery and/or full service billing. Our company streamlines a provider’s claims submission process in order to increase their business cash flow, as well as dealing with all insurance related issues that normally cause headaches for most providers. Our clients include small to mid-sized providers, as well as outpatient facilities\clinics of varying specialties, such as mental health, (psychologists, social workers, marriage counselors, etc.), podiatry, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc. We can submit claims for professional and institutional practices in any state that utilize both the HCFA and\or UB claim forms.

Our business philosophy is to provide an affordable option for those healthcare providers who don’t have the time or resources available to focus on all of the necessary aspects required in getting their claims processed. Due to the various requirements mandated under HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as specific changes implemented by certain payers, the health insurance industry is becoming more and more complicated. The amount of time a provider must dedicate in making sure their claims are submitted correctly to avoid any delays in reimbursement is becoming a burdensome task. Most providers just want to focus on delivering care to their patients and not get involved with all of the headaches that come along with making sure they get paid.

That’s where we come in!  We have created an affordable business model that separates us from other medical billing service companies by identifying those areas where our clients need the most help, and by customizing our services to deliver that help in an efficient and effective manner. Let us show you what we can do…CONTACT US today!

Regal Billing is by far the best medical billing service I have ever used. I have been, and will continue to be, a long time customer!   -Rebekah Saxanoff

Meet The Founders

Regal Billing LLC Team

Regal Billing LLC was established in 2003. The founder and owner, Chris Holfelder, has over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry and has earned a Bachelors degree from Wake Forest University in Chemistry and Biology with a minor in Psychology. Chris began his career as an IT Healthcare consultant working on various HIPAA implementation projects for companies such as BCBS NC, BCBS Jacksonville, Anthem BCBS, Lapcorp, ACS, etc.

Chris focused on the Administrative Simplification component of the HIPAA law that mandated the universal standard for how all healthcare entities would transmit electronic claim information. The standard that was adopted under the HIPAA law is known as EDI. Chris utilized the IBM Websphere translational software tool and worked on numerous projects creating integration maps that would translate data from a healthcare entity’s proprietary system into this EDI format so it could be transmitted electronically to other business entities.

Some of the EDI transaction sets that Chris worked with include the following: 837P (Professional Claim), 837I (Institutional Claim), 270 (Eligibility Inquiry), 271 (Eligibility Information), 276 (Claim Status Inquiry) and 277 (Claim Status Notification).

Co-Founder and Office Manager, Melissa Holfelder has worked for Regal Billing since 2008. Melissa earned a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Business Management from North Carolina State University. Melissa has over 10 years of relevant industry experience and specializes in credentialing and insurance verification. Her past experience includes working as a Credentialing Specialist for a local anesthesiology group in Durham, NC, as well as 5 years of human resources experience for a clinical research organization.

What Makes Us Different

All medical billing software applications create files into one of these EDI transaction sets. It’s this in-depth knowledge of the technical side of claims processing that separates Regal Billing from all other medical billing service companies. Whenever there are any issues in getting a provider’s claims paid, we have the knowledge and expertise of reading EDI data and being able to communicate with the EDI departments of various payers and clearinghouses in order to identify the problem and achieve a quick resolution. This type of expertise has been invaluable in ensuring that we meet our provider’s expectations of maintaining a consistent cash flow for their business.

We are also familiar with the unique billing requirements specific to certain provider specialties, such as dealing with EAP for mental health providers, Worker’s Comp claims for chiropractors and physical therapists, as well as using revenue codes for outpatient facility billing. By understanding the exclusive nature of each specialty, we are able to ensure that a provider’s claims are submitted correctly.

Our focus is to put in the extra effort at the beginning of the billing process to ensure that our providers are paid in a quick and consistent fashion. By doing the necessary work on the front end, this helps avoid any issues with reimbursement on the back end.

We submit all claims through a centralized hub known as a clearinghouse. All claims are submitted electronically as long as the payer is setup to receive electronic transmissions. If a payer is not setup to receive electronic claims, then the clearinghouse will drop the claim to paper so it can be mailed. (This only applies to less than 5% of all payers.) In compliance with HIPAA regulations, all transmissions are submitted over a secure server and all Patient Health Information (PHI) is protected.

Get Started Now!

Any provider interested in utilizing our services can sign up anytime. We offer a one month free trial period for any provider who wishes to try our services. We also give our providers the option of signing a contract if they choose to, although there is no long term commitment required. A provider can stop using our services anytime they wish with no penalty.

The only document we require our providers to sign is a HIPAA Chain of Trust agreement indicating that both parties will comply with the privacy and security provisions mandated by HIPAA.

Please continue reading through all of the information on our website and CONTACT US today!

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