Get PAID Faster!
    Let us streamline your claims submission process to avoid delays in payment. Let us be responsible for notifying you of industry changes that will affect your cash flow. Let our medical billing specialists eliminate your worries so you can focus on your patients.  Read More


    Get In-Network!
    Want to get paneled with a new insurance company? Want to register a new TaxID, NPI or office address with one of your payers? Want to figure out how to receive your electronic Remittance Advices (EOBs) through a payer’s website. Not sure where to begin? Let our medical billing experts help you get started.  Read More


    Get What Is Owed To You!
    Is insurance giving your a hard time? Are you tired of jumping through hoops to get paid what is owed to you? Not sure what to do next? Let our medical billing staff take ownership of outstanding claim balances and see what can be done to facilitate payment..  Read More


    Get A Break From The Headaches!
    Need help with insurance verification? Need help reconciling your claims? Need help following up on denied claims? Need help generating patient billing statements? Let our medical billing professionals take control of all your insurance issues.  Read More



Are you a provider who’s having trouble getting your claims paid by insurance? Do you just want to simplify your medical billing process so you can spend more time on patient care? Are you tired of dealing with all of the changes in the medical billing industry that affect whether or not you get paid? Would you like to get reimbursed in a more consistent fashion to avoid monthly cash flow problems? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then your solution is Regal Billing LLC.  Read More

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